Why Menopause Matters

On my first day back at work in 2020 I emailed my Managing Director and told him that we needed a menopause policy.  This wasn’t something that had been on my radar six months earlier.  I was vaguely aware of bigger companies talking about it, and about an awareness day a few months earlier, but it hadn’t been a big focus for me.

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Women’s Health

A couple of years ago I went to hear Germaine Greer speak in Manchester.   I didn’t agree with some of the things she said, but one thing she said has stuck with me.  She said it was great that we have found successful treatments for HIV and AIDS, but questioned whether we would have reached this point in ~30 years if it hadn’t been a male-dominated disease.

Be A Lady They Said, But What Do They Mean?

I recently watched the now viral video of Cynthia Nixon reading a poem from Camille Rainville “Be A Lady They Said”.

For me, and for many women, it struck the perfect chord about the impossible and ever-changing standards that women face. Society it seems, some men in particular, seem to have no idea not only what they want from women; but also what label to put on us. Something that they desperately want to do. Why are labels so important?  Because labels put you in a box.  It is an element of control. The 21st century’s version of the Scold’s Bridle. Continue reading “Be A Lady They Said, But What Do They Mean?”

‘Un violador en tu camino’ in Manchester – My Thoughts

Today I’m going to comment on a touchy subject or forbidden one, a question that has bothering me for a few weeks now.

Many months ago and since then all over the world and in many languages, there has been a chant done by women called “The Rapist is You”. Continue reading “‘Un violador en tu camino’ in Manchester – My Thoughts”

Rough-Sex Defences – Getting Away with Murder?

People dying accidentally as a result of sexual kinks gone wrong is not new.  In 1994 Tory MP Stephen Milligan was found dead in his flat, described as an accidental consequence of autoerotic asphyxiation — where a person strangles themselves for sexual pleasure. Continue reading “Rough-Sex Defences – Getting Away with Murder?”

Calm Down Dear: On Parenting and Teaching Anger

We are not comfortable with anger. We are particularly not comfortable with female anger. Angry women are dismissed and criticised as shrill, or a nag, or unreasonable, too emotional, or simply told to “calm down” or admonished to “be kind.” Continue reading “Calm Down Dear: On Parenting and Teaching Anger”

#RideForMurderedWomen – why we rode

Jean Hatchet is a feminist campaigner who began riding for women murdered as a result of domestic abuse – her first ride was on March 9th 2017. She names each ride after an individual woman murdered as a result of domestic abuse since 2016. At the time of the ride, she had ridden for 257 women and 6330 miles. She says it has become the most important thing she has ever done in her life.

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