Womanchester: Who we are

We are Womanchester, a grassroots women’s rights group from Manchester and Salford.

In September 2019, we took part in an annual, national bike ride, as part of Jean Hatchet’s project “Ride for Murdered Women”, which raised over £11,000 for Nia.  Nia’s CEO is Karen Ingala Smith, who started documenting this femicide in 2012, and who is dedicated to counting the women murdered through male violence in her census. These two amazing women inspired us to create this memorial.

Email: womanchestermmn@gmail.com

In Sisterhood

Manchester women’s rights group. Part of the Radical Feminist Alliance with @RadFemAlliance and @ScotReSisters

Ne barbatus in te sunt fratres excitant #SexNotGender

Gender critical group of Scottish feminists. Part of the Radical Feminist Alliance. Don't call us cis. I Not part of the English Resisters. #genderfree